10 Nest of Giant Ibis Found in Lomphat Wildlife Sanctury during Breeding Season

Since the beginning of this year’s breeding season, 10 nests of Giant Ibis have been discovered in Lomphat Wildlife Sanctuary, pointed out BirdLife International Cambodia Programme on its official Facebook page today.
Some nests were hatched while others are incubating period, the same source added, hoping that more nests will be found during this breeding season to finish in November.
Giant Ibis is a critically endangered bird species and a national symbol bird of Cambodia, and conservation efforts are crucial to its protection.
Lomphat Wildlife Sanctuary in Rattanakiri province is playing a critical role in supporting the living of Giant Ibis. With a total land area of 250,000 ha, Lomphat Wildlife Sanctuary is home to special kinds of animals and birds like tigers, elephants, red-headed vultures, besides Giant Ibis.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press