Daily Archives: March 8, 2020

China Scrambles to Boost Its Image on Coronavirus

Weeks after Beijing was criticized by people inside China and around the world for a sluggish response to the outbreak of a new coronavirus, China’s government is trying to recast itself as a global health leader.China’s early response to the

WWF Urges SE Asia to Ban Unregulated Wildlife Trade Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus epidemic prompted China to ban the unregulated trade of wildlife and the consumption of wild animals. Now the World Wildlife Fund (WWW) is calling on Southeast Asia -- a key hub of wildlife trafficking and source of contraband

Covid-19-Infected Cambodian Man’s Family Members Tested Negative

The three family members of the Covid-19-infected Cambodian man have been tested negative for the deadly virus."We got the result of the tests on the three family members who had direct contact with the Cambodian man, 38, with confirmed Covid-19