September 20, 2021

Day: July 26, 2021


NFT Showtime: NARAKA HERO Reignites NFT Sector’s confidence

Metalist Naraka Hero NFT MELBOURNE, Australia, July 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — On July 19, the NARAKA HERO series of blind boxes published by MetaList Lab were successfully released on the Binance NFT platform and sold out within 15 minutes! After the sale ended, many collectors showed off their NARAKA HERO collections on Twitter, anticipating […]

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US Medical Groups Demand Mandatory Coronavirus Vaccinations

As the number of new coronavirus cases surges again in the United States, major medical groups in the country on Monday called for mandatory vaccinations of millions of health care workers, saying it is a moral imperative to help curb the spread of the infection. The American Medical Association, the American Nurses Association and 55 […]

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TVK Wins Bronze Award in 42nd Telly Awards in the U.S.

The National Television of Cambodia (TVK) has won the Bronze Award in the 42nd Telly Awards in the U.S. for the English business news programme Fortune Moment: All About Money, co-produced and broadcasted by TVK and Fortune Studio. High-quality world-class guests, unique Southeast Asian perspectives, diversified narrative concepts, and sophisticated programme production have enabled the […]

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Key Issues

Cuba Speaks Highly of Friendship with Cambodia

Cuban Ambassador to Cambodia H.E. Ms. Liurka Rodríguez Barrios has reiterated the cooperation, friendship and diplomatic relations between the Republic of Cuba and the Kingdom Cambodia established since April 15, 1960. In her interview with the National Television of Cambodia (TVK) this morning, H.E. Ms. Liurka Rodríguez Barrios said these relationships have passed all tests. […]

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