Day: July 5, 2024


“Cooperative volunteers doing good deeds with heart” in honor of His Majesty the King

Bangkok, 5 July – The Director-General of the Cooperative Promotion Department led the department’s personnel in public service activities under the project ‘Cooperatives volunteer to do good with their hearts to honor His Majesty the King on the aus…


The Minister of Culture follows up on the progress of tracking Thai antiques abroad.

July 5, Bangkok – The Minister of Culture summarized the results of receiving and keeping the Golden Boy and the sculpture of a woman with hands together, which were received from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, along with an announcement of receivin…


“Dr. Manoon” emphasizes that it’s time for Thailand to give importance to drowsiness and not drive.

July 5 – ‘Dr. Manoon’ emphasizes that it is time for Thailand to give importance to drowsy driving because the problem of drowsy driving is a major factor causing accidents.

Dr. Manoon Leechawengwong, President of the Don’t Drive Drowsy Fund, Ramath…


Wat Ratcha Thiwat organizes a grand 9-day event: ‘200th Anniversary of Wachirayan Bhikkhu’

July 5, Bangkok – Wat Ratchathiwat invites you to visit the 200th anniversary of King Rama IV’s ordination, a grand event for 9 days from July 7-15.

Wat Ratchathiwat Vihara announced the event ‘Project to Honor His Majesty King Mongkut the Great, Ki…


More than 3,000 people arrested for illegal Euro 2024 betting

Bangkok: The Royal Thai Police arrested over 3,000 people involved in illegal gambling, both online and on-site, during the Euro 2024 football competition. 165 gambling websites were prosecuted, with a total turnover of over 1.9 billion baht.

Today …