23-year-old student executed for subway massacre in Taiwan

The death penalty in relation to a student who has arranged bloody slaughter in the subway of Taipei two years ago was carried out in Taiwan. The Ministry of Justice of the island stated that the criminal was executed on Tuesday evening, TASS reported.

Earlier, the court found 23-year-old Cheng Chieh guilty of willful murder of four people and mutilations 22 more.

The tragedy occurred in May 2014, the young man in the subway took out a knife and struck randomly the passengers of the subway. The attacker turned out to be a student of the University of Taichung. The investigation proved that the young man was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The police reported that the idea of committing a big and shocking attack overpowered him long ago.

Admitting his guilt, the student, at the same time, expressed no regret at the offense. He listened the sentencing calmly. On April 22 this year the Supreme Court of Taiwan rejected the appeal complaint to a sentence and upheld it.

The death penalty exists in Taiwan but only in rare and exceptional cases. In total the capital punishment was applied 42 times in the island.

Source: News AM