A Gorgeous Appearance by SPAKEYS in Times Square with TMALL

PUNING, China, August 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — SPAKEYS and TMALL jointly launched a brand new SPAKEYS ad displayed on the Times Square Billboard. One of the passersby in Times Square, Mary, said, “I didn’t realize that it’s made in China, but I would love to have a try if it shows up in the U.S. market one day, it looks like a wonderful product.” Mary was quite impressed today when she saw the brand-new SPAKEYs ad on the eye-catching Billboard.

A Gorgeous Appearance by SPAKEYS in Times Square with TMALL

This time, SPAKEYS and TMALL from China, will keep people watching till the end. It is unusual to see a Chinese brand on the Times Square Billboard and they were really surprised that it was an ad for an underwear brand.

In the past, Chinese society was extremely conservative and women would not talk about underwear in public. Also, China-made underwear has been focusing on its functionality but ignoring women’s needs. SPAKEYS is different. She knows Asian women better and integrates Eastern and Western elements. SPAKEYS creates her own special design with the integration of exquisite style from the West and soft silk from the East.

Customers can easily bolster their self-confidence and elegance through SPAKEYS. “Different from classical beauties, I can feel the wisdom of contemporary Chinese beauties, and the most important part is, they are very elegant and comprehensive,” says Ann, one of the biggest fans in China. When she talks about Chinese elegance, Ziyi Zhang and Maggie Cheung (Manyu Zhang) are always on her mind. Chinese female identities are taking a more important place on the international stage.

“We have so many ways to explain our China dream, but the best one we can think of will be our Chinese beauties with their self-consciousness and elegance. It is great that we are working together with TMALL. Through this chance, we would like to let the world know more about our Chinese underwear brand, or maybe we could say that it is a Chinese female culture brand. It is not only a marketing promotion, but also an elegant way to demonstrate how we achieve our China dream,” says Hongzhong Yan, the founder of SPAKEYS.

Through the elegant and successful dancing in Times Square, a China dream has been raised up by SPAKEYS and TMALL, and we are all looking forward to see how this Chinese female culture brand shines on the international stage.

For more details, please visit www.spakeys.cn.

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