A Look on Domesticated Elephants in Cambodia

Official handling with elephant conservation has shared challenges in the work and solutions to address the declining number of the animal domesticated, according to local media report.

According to Mr. Khun Diyon, director of the conservation group in Mondulkiri province called Elephant Livelihood Initiative Environment (ELIE), while domestication of wild elephants is no longer allowed, local tradition considers husbandry of domesticated elephants as presentation of bad luck.

The mentioned factors have driven the number of existing domesticated elephants down, and many of them are aging � some are about 70 years old and some have died.

Figures shared by Mr. Khun Diyon showed that Cambodia currently has a total of 73 domesticated elephants alive, of them 44 are being raised in Mondulkiri's sanctuary.

In order to address the declining number of the elephants, more of the income generated from tourism services at the sanctuary is being used to improve the care, health and food for the elephants.

Elephant ride has been reduced and discouraged as much as possible, added the conservation official.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press