ACU Hosts Consultative Workshop on Drafting Laws on Witness and Whistle-blower Protection

Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) has been hosting a consultative workshop on Drafting Laws on Protection of Witnesses and Whistle-blowers at its office on June 29-30, with the participation of representatives from relevant ministries and institutions and civil society organisations.

The draft laws were aimed to ensure safety of witnesses and whistle-blowers, enhance effectiveness of justice, crack down on crimes, and create a particular institution in charge of enforcing the laws, said ACU President H.E. Om Yentieng.

“Witness is a main character. Without witness, judge cannot make an accusation,” he underlined.

H.E. Om Yentieng said this two-day workshop will gather more inputs for the elaboration of preliminary drafts of the two laws.

Source: AKP