American holocaust: Silent screams of lost generations (WND)

By Anthony C. LoBaido  



Are babies America’s and the world’s most precious resource? Or are they a “burden” to be murdered in the womb, with their fetal tissue forwarded for “scientific” and commercial uses?

(Editor’s Note: Journalist Anthony LoBaido has covered the issue of genetic experimentation involving aborted fetal body parts since 1994. LoBaido has researched this issue in detail at the United Nations headquarters in New York City, in South Korea – which features the lowest birthrate of any industrialized nation – and a country where abortion traditionally has been “officially” illegal; in Central American nations where abortion has been all but outlawed such as El Salvador; in Cuba, a nominally Catholic, post-Soviet nation now rethinking its own abortion problem; and at Dachau in Germany, an iconic landmark of archetype Nazi science. He also traveled through the mostly anti-abortion states of Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina, taking photographs and video footage while asking residents about their views on abortion and related issues. LoBaido also spent several years interviewing some of Planned Parenthood’s hardcore ideological and financial supporters in California’s San Francisco Bay Area.)

Planned Parenthood is a well-funded, profitable, politically connected, Madison Avenue-hyped killing machine par excellence unrivaled in modern history. The group’s leader, a lightning rod named Cecile Richards, has visited the White House – the temple of our civilization – numerous times.

Attractive and highly skilled in strategic communication, Richards is beloved and feted on a scale rivaling Cecil the Zimbabwe lion. That said, the millions of babies Planned Parenthood kills must endure a horrific “silent scream” of pain as they are murdered. How long can this silent scream remain silent while Planned Parenthood’s elite continue to honor themselves?

What about the guilt, nightmares, ensuing lifetime of drug and alcohol abuse, and even suicides of the Planned Parenthood clients who choose to kill their own babies?

The larger question – and burden – for the articulate Ms. Richards and her medical mercenaries is: What happens to the fetal tissue from all the abortions at Planned Parenthood’s facilities and elsewhere?

Is it sold, forwarded to “scientists” and “researchers” for free while marked “postage due,” or merely sent to the sewers for rat food? The American people deserve straight, definitive answers.

Are there other scenarios for the end uses of aborted baby body parts, including rapidly evolving biotechnology, future patents on the human genome, stem cells, ovarian transplants, food product testing, vaccinations and cosmetics? Why is the tissue of aborted babies so valuable to so many?

The limitless horizons of 21st-century science, including genetic engineering, cloning and related biomedical research, are seen by proponents as the next great leap of human evolution. Truly we are “Between Two Ages.” Advances in the biomedical sciences are nothing short of breathtaking. The human genome was cracked in the year 2000. Time magazine published a cover story, “2045: The Year Mankind Becomes Immortal.”

Super soldiers armed with superhuman powers are no longer the predictive programming plots of Jean-Claude Van Damme films like “Universal Soldier.” In 2015, they’re actual projects within the broad strategic architecture of the Pentagon’s future vision of the battlespace.

Transhumanism, or Humanity Plus (H+), promises to make “The Singularity” a reality, at least for the American, Western and transnational elite. Johnny Depp’s “Transcendence” is a recent film exploring a dystopian future when man and machine unite for eternity in cyberspace.

Yet even today there remain ardent critics of these scientific “advances.” Cloning, abortion and related genetic experimentation are sure to unleash opposition at some level.

See for example a paean opposing abortion from a sincere and devout American pastor. Another anti-abortion piece includes a video of Cecile Richards’ official response to recent speculation about what happens to the aborted fetal tissue from the babies her group terminates every single day. Like Pilate, sadly, there’s blood on her hands. And like Pilate, who ignored the warnings of his wife’s keen woman’s intuition, it all started with 30 pieces of silver. Abortion and its leftover tissue are big business.

Some journalists and bloggers have devoted their very lives to exposing the history and agenda of Planned Parenthood, the reality of abortion, the zeal of abortion proponents and related genetics issues. Most often, their efforts fall on deaf ears and nothing really seems to change.

Why do doctors, who’ve taken the Hippocratic Oath to “do no harm,” want to experiment on aborted fetal tissue?

NBC News offers some illuminating answers to that question. Which companies actually use aborted fetal tissue to test their products? attempts to weed its way through the tall grass and find out. Another blog purports to have a more definitive list. The truth is, no one really knows for sure.

‘Perverted science’

The Book of Ecclesiastes says, “There is no new thing under the sun.” A cruel Pharaoh slew scores of Hebrew children in ancient Egypt. King Herod is famous for a plan to kill little baby Jesus. Is this new paradigm a high-tech rerun of what Winston Churchill called “the perverted science” of Nazi Germany? Through “Operation Paperclip,” and over the objections of then-President Harry Truman, Nazi scientists were brought to the U.S. The New York Times reviewed a book on this topic. Did the Nazi medical agenda vanish forever or continue and even expand?

Rhodesian Special Forces soldier Bert Sachse of “Blood Diamond” and Sierra Leone fame once personally told me about a “killing machine par excellence.” I also met Aki Ra and lived amongst the remnant of the Khmer Rouge in extreme northern Cambodia. I’ve seen real killing machines. But has there ever been a killing machine quite like Planned Parenthood?

Forget the actual, clinical “hard killing” for a moment. Consider the smooth public relations functionality and a half-billion dollars in annual support from the federal government of the United States.

Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger, was an admirer of the eugenics movement. Her “Negro Project” sought to bring abortion to black women and black families – who apparently had not suffered enough during their first 400 years in the Western Hemisphere. Today, black abortions in the United States outnumber white abortions by eight to one. Have you ever heard even one black celebrity, politician, athlete, singer or movie star speak out against black abortion? Is everyone on board, cognitively unable to relate their own black history and experiences to that of unborn black babies? Louis Farrakhan has actually spoken out in defense of unborn black babies. Few others dare to do so.

Is there something more sinister at work – meaning promoting black self-hatred and auto-genocide – voluntarily carried out under a white elite limiting debate? Liberals don’t like to be questioned, let alone challenged. So black Americans continue kill their own children like pancakes. Check out the website from the National Black Pro Life Union, which opposes this auto-genocide. Have you ever asked yourself what happens to the discarded fetal tissue from black abortions? When we hear, “Black lives matter,” does this not include the unborn?” Few even bother ask at what point does a baby have a heartbeat, brainwaves and fingerprints.

Ordinary Americans are starting to realize that not only the baby is killed during an abortion. The woman having the abortion can die, too, as claimed in this photograph

Ordinary Americans are starting to realize that not only the baby is killed during an abortion. The woman having the abortion can die, too, as claimed in this photograph

Opposing this vision of a Brave New World, the late Pope John Paul II wrote about “the culture of death.” As the Chicago Tribune reported:

“In a new encyclical issued Thursday, Pope John Paul II condemned a growing and widespread ‘culture of death’ in which moral ‘crimes’ such as abortion and euthanasia are viewed as individual rights. ‘Choices once unanimously considered criminal and rejected by the common moral sense are gradually becoming socially acceptable,’ the [now late] pope declared. The 188-page ‘Evangelium Vitae,’ translated as ‘The Gospel of Life,’ marks the first time that abortion and euthanasia have been discussed in a papal encyclical and bolstered at such length with theological and philosophical underpinnings.”

The obsessions with violent video games, wars of all kinds, drone-inspired killings, high-HIV-risk sex, and injections/overdosing on illegal narcotics (heroin is making a huge comeback from the U.S. to Russia to Iran and elsewhere) are examples of this multi-faceted, dark culture of death. Yet abortion might standout at the top of the list. Physician-assisted suicide is also a part of this same scenario.

Will this culture ever be reversed in the future? If so, then how? Hollywood films like “Children of Men” depict a post-apocalyptic scenario in which all human children, for some undefined reason, don’t survive in a dystopian future. One might think back to childhood diseases, existing even into the 20th century, which held a grim reminder of ordinary life dominating Medieval Europe. Perhaps abortion will cease only if a still unforeseen global biological holocaust puts into doubt the very survival of all of the world’s infants, toddlers and children.

“Children of Men,” starring Clive Owen, depicts a dystopian future in which all of the Earth’s children die off from a mysterious and untreatable phenomena

Video of what abortion procedures entail:

Outlawing abortion in the United States is likely out of the question. Yet this might not be an effective endgame for ending abortion. The Republican Party’s tactic of asking for votes based on future promises to outlaw abortion now rings hollow. South Korea is an abortion Mecca – even though abortion has traditionally been illegal in that nation. El Salvador is yet another example of a nation where making abortion illegal did not yield the desired results.

Concerning El Salvador, the New York Times reported:

“According to the Center for Reproductive Rights, at least 120 women in El Salvador were tried between 2000 and 2011, charged with the crimes of abortion or aggravated homicide in connection with the death of a fetus. Thirty-eight of them were convicted, the center says.

“Heavily influenced by the Roman Catholic Church, Latin American nations have long been known as having some of the world’s strongest laws against abortion. El Salvador, Nicaragua and Chile retain total bans on the procedure and threaten lengthy prison sentences for the women who undergo them and the doctors who perform them.”

Why do we need a law telling fathers and mothers not to kill their own babies? If it’s wrong to kill a lion in Zimbabwe, why is it acceptable for a person to kill their own future heirs?

Is genetic experimentation on aborted fetal parts a continuation of what Sir Winston Churchill called,

Is genetic experimentation on aborted fetal parts a continuation of what Sir Winston Churchill called, “the perverted science” of Nazi Germany? (Photo at Dachau by Anthony C. LoBaido)

This now famous photograph of a tiny unborn baby grabbing onto the hand of a surgeon performing an operation has inspired millions around the globe

This now famous photograph of a tiny unborn baby grabbing onto the hand of a surgeon performing an operation has inspired millions around the globe

The abortion-overpopulation ‘linkage’

Western elites claim global birth control – through abortion, if need be – is a necessity. Since 1980, there have been more than 1.3 billion abortions worldwide. Some say the world is “overpopulated.” Many claim 7 billion people on Earth is too many. There’s a body of data predicting that the world’s population will level off at 9 to 10 billion in the coming decades. This writer published a WND article on this issue titled, “The overpopulation lie.” If you were to fly over Australia, Canada, Alaska, Russia, China and other nations (as I’ve done many times), you’d look down and find mostly empty spaces.

Certainly the “mega cities” ranging from Rio de Janiero to Hong Kong and Seoul are overpopulated. When I lived in Hong Kong, I actually felt at times like I was living in the future depicted in “Logan’s Run” and “Soylent Green.” But the truth is, if you lined up every single person on Earth and put them in military formation, each person on Earth standing side-by-side could fit inside the state of Arkansas. So how is the world overpopulated?

National Geographic published a piece stating, “Standing shoulder-to-shoulder, the entire world’s population could fit within the 500 square miles (1,300 square kilometers) of Los Angeles.” Another unrelated article stated that, assuming today’s population density of New York City as a guide, the entire world’s population could live inside the state of Texas.

Every person on Earth, standing in military formation, could fit inside the state of Arkansas. Other estimates claim the entire world's population could fit inside Los Angeles and/or Texas. Issues like fresh water, pollution, industrial waste, Fukushima, the poisoning of the oceans, overfishing, climate change, failed states, Ebola and similar problems should all be considered within the broad architecture of how many people the Earth can effectively sustain. Yet if in the coming decades, most of humanity is crammed into 50 to 75 cities with populations of 25 to 50 million each, the pervading view that the

Every person on Earth, standing in military formation, could fit inside the state of Arkansas. Other estimates claim the world’s population could fit inside Los Angeles and/or Texas.

The World Bank has weighed in on mega cities, and Forbes published an insightful article on the topic. According to Forbes:

“In 1950, less than 300,000 people lived in Lagos, Nigeria. Now, a staggering 10.9 million people do. That’s bad enough, but the U.N. projects that Lagos will host 16.1 million people by 2015. That’s 5 million new residents in less than a decade, added to a city already crumbling into chaos under the strain of its current population. Can such a city survive, let alone thrive? It won’t be long before we all find out.”

What right, and by what authority, do “they” have to say God’s command to “be fruitful and multiply” is “bad”? Who voted in a referendum for the United Nations’ population control initiatives? Watch former Stanford University researcher Stephen Mosher’s talk on the “Myth of Overpopulation.” Between 1979 and 1980, Mosher was the sole American social scientist permitted to carry out research in mainland China.

Operating with partial information

With abortion on demand an unassailable right, and biotechnology vis-à-vis experimenting on aborted fetal tissue gathering steam, some at Planned Parenthood might actually want to recalculate the fair market value of the aborted body parts it possesses – if we can even partially believe the recently leaked video footage. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz, says it’s “grotesque” and the American people won’t support it. The focus is on Planned Parenthood rather than the felony offense of body-parts trafficking, companies that use the fetal tissue and the possible consumer products tested and derived from the whole process. Many Americans still don’t know if government subsidies to Planned Parenthood go toward abortions. The plain truth is, there are Americans who’ve actually sent their own hard-earned money to Planned Parenthood after the Republicans cut its budget.

That brings us to the next fork in the road: What is the best strategy to undertake for those concerned about experimenting on the unborn or the body parts from murdered babies?

What about the idea of labeling (as with GMO foods) medical, food testing and cosmetic products that may have been tainted with aborted fetal tissue? What about publishing a list of companies that use such products and organizing consumer reactions? What about introducing 50 separate bills in 50 state legislatures calling for the labeling of the aforementioned products?

Even the most zealous San Francisco liberal who sends money to Planned Parenthood might think twice about using these products themselves. This would be a means to “win hearts and minds.”

This would also be a separate issue from overturning Roe v. Wade, which is an almost sacred degree rivaling the Magna Carta in the minds, hearts and even souls of many liberals and Democratic Party supporters – even those claiming to be Christians. Notions addressing the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” inculcated by America’s Founding Fathers not withstanding this liberal-Democrat litmus test.

How many Americans know several dozen executives at Planned Parenthood earn between $200,000 and $300,000 per year? They help guide Planned Parenthood’s termination of defenseless unborn children – who instead of being handed over to the loving arms of their mothers and fathers, have been butchered and forwarded for biomedical research.

If Planned Parenthood is selling off or merely distributing (for free, plus postage due) aborted baby body parts (either it is or it isn’t, and again, the American people deserve an unequivocal answer), then who is buying and receiving the aborted fetal tissue – the hearts, lungs, ovaries and so on? What is the free market calling for? That’s really the salient question.

If late-term “D &X” abortions also can yield a king’s ransom for fetal tissue, even the most ardent abortion supporters, including the heady, trendy, Millennial “Hail Satan!” demographic, might be taken aback at the fruit of their support for this type of abortion. Even the “South Park” 2003 “Krazy Cripples” Christopher Reeve abortion episode came out against this kind of fetal tissue research.

This is where a “top journalist” like Brian Williams could step up and do some real reporting, ghost-busting, myth-debunking and insightful research. The truth is, there’s still so much about abortion-related fetal tissue research that we ordinary mortals don’t know. Will there one day be patents on the human genome, say for blonde hair and blue eyes? Will you be able to order a “designer baby?” Again, what about cloning? Will a full picture ever emerge about why tissue from aborted babies is so highly coveted?

Are we finding clues or breadcrumbs when we take a closer look? Let’s take a short trip back in time. According to a study published in the Jan. 4, 1995, issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, during the early years of the William Jefferson Clinton administration, it was believed that demand for fetal tissue for use in “research” would increase in the ensuing decades. This report stated that only seven of 1,500 embryos/fetal tissue samples gathered from 22,000 miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies were healthy enough to use in transplantation. The estimated cost for a viable fetus at that ratio is $300,000 per fetus.

Way back in 1988, President George H.W. Bush signed an executive order setting aside $2 million to study the viability of using (for medical research) tissue from ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages instead of aborted fetuses. Yet on Jan. 22, 1993, President Clinton, on his second day in office, signed an executive order easing restrictions on using aborted babies and their body parts for medical research. This order was a great leap forward from Roe v. Wade 20 years beforehand. This kind of ancillary yet important medical, social and ethical issue was one of the many differences between George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton. It was also a “crossing the Rubicon” moment from which the United States of America will probably never return regarding the sanctity of life, abortion and the use of aborted body parts for medical research.

It is a felony to traffic in human body parts according to federal law in the United States

It is a felony to traffic in human body parts according to federal law in the United States

United Nations’ global abortion jihad

Beyond America’s shores, a global abortion jihad, funded in large measure by the American government and anointed transnational corporations/foundations, has been going on for several decades. In 2012, this writer interviewed a United Nations official who refined this global abortion legislation as a part of their job. This official, who also worked on anti-mercenary legislation for the New Zealand government (legislation I studied in detail regarding my respective series on Executive Outcomes and Sandline) described not only the chasm between the “pro” and “anti” positions on global abortion, but the dominant view to – even the most casual observer – that the United Nations’ abortion programs are de facto white supremacy,” meaning they’re funded by rich, white nations against the brown, black and yellow of the developing world.

Some may argue that one of the main problems with American society, the West and the world is that the people who should be having babies are not doing so, and those who should not have babies are having too many of them. The idea of the very best people, smart, talented and good-looking ones, marrying and breeding with other good-looking, smart, talented people is not a new one. The ideas behind Margaret Sanger’s “Negro Project” have globally found very fertile soil.

The United National global abortion programs have come under criticism in the United States, in Islamic nations, from the Vatican, as well as other nations around the world (Photograph outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia, by Anthony C. LoBaido)

The United National global abortion programs have come under criticism in the United States, in Islamic nations, from the Vatican, as well as other nations around the world (Photograph outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia, by Anthony C. LoBaido)

Is everyone on board with the global abortion jihad? Men like the aforementioned Steven Mosher of Stanford University fame have investigated China’s one-child policies in detail. At first, Communist China labeled the Stanford researcher an “international spy.” Yet today, Mainland China is now reconsidering that very same policy, since there won’t be enough females for the male population to marry in the coming decades. The U.K. Independent published a fine article on China’s re-examination of its controversial one-child policy. Psychology Today published another excellent piece.

Steven Mosher witnessed China’s one-child policy, including forced abortions and sterilizations. He left China, still a secular humanist, but pro-life and began to work to end this mass slaughter. He discovered that the people of the pro-life movement in America were the only ones listening to him:

Mosher says:

“Demographers have no conception of overpopulation. What they mean is poverty. Famine and starvation does happen in the world, but it happens as a result usually of government interference with the production of food. … We produce enough grain that everyone could eat a couple pounds of grain a day. We have a problem with distributing food, but we don’t have a problem with overall food production. The world today could feed about 12 to 14 billion people.

“The great famine under Chairman Mao … had absolutely nothing to do with an actual shortage of food or an excess of population, but was rather the result of an escalation of destructive administrative errors, culminating in the direct confiscation of desperately needed grain from the poor and a refusal to seek assistance from wealthy Western countries. What has really held China back is the fact of government corruption and mismanagement. … These Chinese people are China’s greatest resource; they can develop China if they’re given half a chance.”

Other nations like Russia, which has lost more than 100 million members of its population since World War II (going from 250 million to about 150 million today), and which saw the average Russian woman have up to 13 abortions during the heyday of communism, have now begun to restore the Orthodox Church, increase support for women to have babies and turn their backs on abortion.

Former Stanford University researcher Stephen Mosher, who studied China's one-child policy, has been critical of the

Former Stanford University researcher Stephen Mosher, who studied China’s one-child policy, has been critical of the “overpopulation myth” (Photograph by Anthony C. LoBaido)

NPR published an outstanding article on how various governments, including Russia, are encouraging citizens to have more babies.

In 2012, this writer also traveled to Cuba, where abortion has become a terrible social problem, and stakeholders ranging from the Castro regime to the Catholic Church have begun – working together – to address its consequences. This consultation between the ruling regime and the Catholic Church would have been unthinkable only a few decades ago.

The nation of Cuba, long a bastion of Communism and abortion, has now begun to rethink its national obsession with killing the unborn (Photograph taken in Trinidad, Cuba, by Anthony C. LoBaido)

The nation of Cuba, long a bastion of Communism and abortion, has now begun to rethink its national obsession with killing the unborn (Photograph taken in Trinidad, Cuba, by Anthony C. LoBaido)

Cuba is not the only place rethinking its abortion priorities. Closer to home, the state of Mississippi has only one remaining abortion clinic still in operation. Make no mistake, this development in Mississippi has caught the attention of some very powerful pro-abortion stakeholders wielding tremendous wealth and influence. Take, for example, a very recent job advertisement for the Lucile Packard Hospital in Northern California. (No doubt, you’ve heard of Hewlett-Packard, which can be found in the shadows.) More specifically, let us refer to “Program Officer (Full-time, Exempt) Job Number: 15-11-3100R.”

The job advertisement reads:

“The David and Lucile Packard Foundation is seeking a new Program Officer – South Asia in the Population and Reproductive Health (PRH) Program. The position is based in Los Altos, California and requires extensive international travel.” Sounds exciting!

A bit of background information is provided within the job posting (emphasis added):

“We are a private family foundation created in 1964 by David Packard, co-founder of the Hewlett-Packard Company and his wife, Lucile Salter Packard. Today, their children and grandchildren continue to help guide the work of the Foundation. The Foundation works on issues the founders cared about most: improving the lives of children, enabling the creative pursuit of science, advancing reproductive health, conserving and restoring the earth’s natural systems, and supporting and strengthening an array of local nonprofit organizations. A staff of 120 conducts the day-to-day operations of the Foundation and a Board of Trustees oversees the work of the Foundation. For 2015, the Foundation expects to make grant-making awards of over $300 million. David and Lucile Packard passed onto the Foundation the following core set of values: integrity, respect for all people, belief in individual leadership, commitment to effectiveness, and the capacity to think big.”

What does this position entail, in terms of exact job functions? The job ad reads:

  • Expand access and quality to a continuum of sexual and reproductive health services, including comprehensive sexuality education (CSE), family planning/contraception (FP), and safe abortion. [Author’s note: “Safe” for the baby? “Improving the lives of children” by killing them? “Integrity and respect for all people,” including the unborn?]
  • Continue to focus our efforts in South Asia (SA) and Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), with some re-prioritizing within specific countries, and modify our program in the U.S. to include a focus on targeted states in the South, starting with Louisiana and Mississippi [emphasis added].

Why Mississippi?

Mississippi, home to the Confederate Rebel flag, the terrible murder of civil rights-era workers in the city of Philadelphia, a long legacy of the Ku Klux Klan, and the ravages of Hurricane Katrina, has now caught the attention of pro-abortion stakeholders with the Lucile Packard Foundation

Mississippi, home to the Confederate Rebel flag, the terrible murder of civil rights-era workers in the city of Philadelphia, a long legacy of the Ku Klux Klan, and the ravages of Hurricane Katrina, has now caught the attention of pro-abortion stakeholders with the Lucile Packard Foundation

Clearly, there are two sides to this debate.

One side sees the cold-blooded murder of defenseless unborn babies as the epitome of evil, an enabling mechanism of archetype Nazi science, and a major regression in the triangulation of “apostasy, abomination, annihilation.”

The other side wants opponents to lighten up, especially Christians. If you’re killing a baby, why not use the aborted tissue for medical research? This is mankind’s next great leap forward, or so goes the thinking. But let’s be careful to avoid the subject of the pain the baby feels during an abortion, if the baby has a soul and the long-term effects (health, future conception, guilt, suicides, addictions to drugs and alcohol) that women must endure because of their abortions. That total is now over 60 million in the United States since 1973 – when Comet Kohoutek raced across the sky, some superstitiously say as a sign, to usher in our Brave New World. Yet, if Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of celestial motion are correct, no comet should ever be considered a sign.

Abortion is not even a political issue in Europe. As noted, outlawing abortion in nations like El Salvador did not work out exactly as had been planned. South Korea, where abortion is illegal, has the lowest birthrate of any industrialized nation. Yet abortion there is a money maker for hospitals. The further along you are in your pregnancy, the more the hospital will charge you for an abortion. Abortion in South Korea also raises the GDP figures for South Korea, and this pleases some higher-ups in its government. (North Korea hasn’t cornered the market on evil.)

Actor John Taylor, born with Down syndrome, starred in

Actor John Taylor, born with Down syndrome, starred in “The Seventh Sign” with Demi Moore

Back in 1994, just before the Internet became the hottest item in the United States since RCA and radio in the 1920s, I met with Dr. Marie Peeters, a pro-life pediatrician, oncologist and former research colleague of Dr. Jerome Lejeune, the man who identified the gene for Down syndrome.

The New York Times published Dr. Lejeune’s obituary in 1994.

Dr. Peeters pointed out (to me) for the first time, the global abortion positions of the United Nations. (Not many people are aware that the U.N. headquarters in New York was built over a former slaughterhouse for cattle.) She talked about the writings of Dr. Lejeune, and how he predicted that genetic seek-and-destroy missions might evolve in future decades. She pointed to Tay-Sachs disease as just one example of how a “quality of life” scenario would emerge. This means that we may or may not have an abortion based on the quality of life the unborn baby might have in our own personal opinion, or in the opinion of society at large.

Do we really need to kill Down syndrome babies? If so, then why? Are they all very low functioning? Consider actor John Taylor, who was born with Down syndrome. Taylor actually starred in a major Hollywood film with Demi Moore titled, “The Seventh Sign.” This brings to mind a kaleidoscope of questions: How many Hollywood films have you starred in? Why must we kill Down syndrome children? And once again: Why do we need laws to tell people they shouldn’t kill their own babies?

Additionally, were the 60-second radio ads as broadcast during the 2006 state-wide referendum in Missouri concerning stem cells enough to inform the average American about how they should feel and vote about 21st-century science issues? The measure passed, 51 percent to 49 percent, or 1,077,482 votes to 1,028,742 votes. Having been in Missouri at that time, and having covered the event at the polls in person, there were many people in the “Show Me State” who told me they wished the powers that be had done a better job to educate people on all sides about the issues. They also believed, almost to a man and to a woman, that the powers that be were keenly interested in that referendum as the final straw that would break the back of the Bible belt regarding fetal tissue research.

A plethora of statues of angels and Jesus Christ survived Hurricane Katrina – even those very close to the shoreline in places like Pass Christian and Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. Some claim this was a miracle, perhaps because of the state's anti-abortion stance. Others called it a mere coincidence (Photograph in Mississippi by Anthony C. LoBaido)

A plethora of statues of angels and Jesus Christ survived Hurricane Katrina – even those very close to the shoreline in places like Pass Christian and Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. Some claim this was a miracle, perhaps because of the state’s anti-abortion stance. Others called it a mere coincidence (Photograph in Mississippi by Anthony C. LoBaido)

The statues survived Hurricane Katrina, while this structure not far away was destroyed – save for the steel door and some sturdy bricks (Photograph by Anthony C. LoBaido)

The statues survived Hurricane Katrina, while this structure not far away was destroyed – save for the steel door and some sturdy bricks (Photograph by Anthony C. LoBaido)

Cultural power

Issues like abortion, divorce, alcohol and legal/illegal drug abuse affect most Americans, even on a tangential, if not a direct, basis. Popular culture attempts to address these very divisive topics. Showtime, through “Weeds,” at times depicts abortion and abortion foes in a ridiculous manner. On “Weeds,” we’re told the character of “Uncle Andy” took his girlfriends for five abortions. The main character (played by Mary Louise Parker) has a son who becomes traumatized when his girlfriend is forced, by her own father, to have an abortion. A brawl ensues on the girlfriend’s front lawn in one of the most disturbing scenes ever on television.

Other shows like Chris Carter’s “The X-Files,” depict cloning and abortion-related fetal tissue research as seminal, even sinister events for mankind. One wonders if Chris Carter is one of Hollywood’s most successful and secretive pro-life Christians. The two-part episode entitled “Colony,” perhaps the show’s finest hour, showed FBI Agent Fox Mulder directly opposing such genetic research in his quest to find his cloned, missing (and always annoying) sister Samantha.

The clones of his sister tell Agent Mulder, “You have to help us … you have no choice.”

“I choose to walk away,” replies Mulder, who in real life moved on to more provocative sexual escapades in Showtime’s “Californication.” It’s a show boasting content so risqué it could make drunken Russian sailors on shore leave blush.

What’s ironic about the gap between “The X Files” and “Californication” is how one show appears to question the use of aborted body parts, while the other show openly views women merely as a collection of body parts. For this we can all thank, to a large extent, Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner, as one-third of all traffic on the Internet is related to pornography.

“Colony,” a two-part episode of the nominally pro-life show “The X Files,” depicted clones created through the use of aborted fetal tissue

The two rivaling sides of the abortion issue exist side by side, in real life and in popular culture. Project Rachel helps women who wish to heal from abortion. The late Paul Hill was put to death in the United States for killing an abortion doctor. He gave an interview while he was on death row. The New York Times covered his sentencing. More abortion doctors were trained. Abortion went on without Paul Hill’s interference.

Brad Pitt went directly to the backseat of a police car in the Hollywood film “Seven” when he stood up to the murderer (played by Kevin Spacey) of his wife and unborn baby. Wichita, Kansas, which used to be the geographical center of the now evaporated American Bible belt, was once home to the late George Tiller, a “church-going Christian,” who was shot to death after performing a laundry list of late-term abortions.

The final episode of the CBS hit series “M*A*S*H,” entitled, “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen,” was, in 1983, the most watched single episode in the history of American television. That episode featured the show’s star, Alan Alda, banished to a mental hospital after he was unknowingly involved with the killing of a baby.

Alda’s book, “Never have your dog stuffed and other things I’ve learned,” describes (on Pages 180 and 181) in vivid detail, the empty streets he saw on the night that episode was aired. Half the nation was watching – by some estimates, 125 million viewers. One might imagine most of them were taken aback by the very notion of killing a baby by mistake, let alone on purpose.

At the 1994 United Nations Population Conference in Cairo, the world saw entities as diverse as the Vatican and Libya join forces to oppose the United Nation’s abortion crusade. Former New York City Republican Mayor Michael Bloomberg sought to turn New York State’s vast array of medical schools into a Mecca of abortion training. Bloomberg also flew off to get feted in Israel and pray at the Wailing Wall. CBS published a story on Bloomberg’s abortion backing, and the Village Voice also weighed in.

“Babies and children are God’s proof the world should go on,” said a young woman while visiting Katrina-ravaged Mississippi

Some women deeply regret their abortions, and they’ve told this writer just that. One woman I met in the Hamptons in the summer of 2014 told me how, after her abortion, she took cocaine every day for more than a year. She had nightmares and couldn’t put it out of her mind – namely the pain and horror the baby went through during their abortion. I asked this woman if she ever told the baby, now in heaven, that she’s “sorry.”

Yet other women brazenly wear T-shirts proclaiming they’re “proud to have had an abortion.” Men seem all too willing to pay for the execution of their own seed. They appear “without natural affection … brutal … unloving …” It’s a heartbreaking scenario all around. No doubt too much beer, pornography, recreational drugs, rowdy college life and youthful passion and lust contribute to many abortions as underlying causes. Sex without love is common. Pornography ruins normalized sexual expectations. America can spend almost a trillion dollars on the F-35 fighter jet that can’t fight or fly, but how much money is spent to help girls in trouble? Or to help women heal psychologically from an abortion?

Beyond those personal and societal issues, we have no definitive, public list of companies buying aborted baby parts; no list of experiments on or with those parts, if any; and no bills in any of the 50 state legislatures to label such products, if they do indeed exist. You’d think that with the NSA, social media and uncountable millions of bloggers, we’d have our answers by now, especially in the wake of the 21st-century biotechnology gold rush.

Idolatry via looking to the Republican Party to do anything about these issues is on the downside. Do you really believe the GOP will put a stop to it? And even those sending their own personal monies to Planned Parenthood, those who “want to put Christians into camps,” and “want to bring abortion to the whole world” (some Planned Parenthood supporters have told me these things), have no peace, and their sleep is not sweet. For them, abortion is a true calling. Killing babies, and giving mothers the right to do so, is actually a source of pride as a “legal right.” Admitting their own core barbarity, cruelty and godlessness is a form of death (to them), which is not unlike an abortion in and of itself.

Winning the hearts and minds of these people through facts and active listening skills should a priority of all pro-life Americans. These types of supporters may or may not know their own children have had abortions. Many of them have never had an abortion and would not do so, no matter what. Many don’t understand the pain a baby goes through during an abortion. They do know that many Christians have abortions, both Catholic and Evangelical. They’ll tell you the birth control handed out by Planned Parenthood can help prevent abortions and even increase fertility.

They’ll tell you people in the Missouri Bible belt have voted “yes!” for stem-cell research. And, of course, they’re probably correct on all these points. They don’t want to be identified with the Nazis’ medical worldview or with Satanists. They tend to view hypocritical Christians, conservatives and Republicans as “the political enemy.” That said, how can we expect non-Christians to live and act as Christians (and be “pro-life”) if we can’t get Christians to do so? If you’re into Big Data, see the abortion numbers.

The objective of converting Planned Parenthood’s core supports might take God’s own miracle.

Yet imagine a Planned Parenthood – reformed – that exists to hand out birth control and prenatal care without murdering unborn children. Is this possible?

America is the only Western nation that had a conservative movement after the 1960s counter-cultural revolution. Those were strange times, with the operational quagmire of the Vietnam War, the space race, moon landing, Cold War with China and the Soviet Union, as well as the risk of nuclear war vis-à-vis Cuban Missile Crisis. Many people, especially Northern California liberals, turned to drugs like acid, LSD, mushrooms and mescaline during these scary, tumultuous years. They thought they were “building a better world.” Some of them became the first corporate fascists. Others became postmodern environmentalists. Some invented companies like Apple. In 1970, the late Dock Ellis even pitched a no-hitter for the Pittsburgh Pirates while high on LSD.

They felt they were undoing the flawed old order and building a utopia. Now we look around at the nightmare that has been created and see they were misled.

Similarly, Northern California liberals, supporters of 20th- and 21th-century Planned Parenthood, “The Singularity” movement and transhumanism feel they’re once again “building a better world.” It’s a world many of us can barely begin to comprehend technologically or morally. We must ask if these people are once again being misled – and if they’re trying to mislead us.

Each baby aborted, according to Catholic teaching, has a soul. Some claim abortion is a sacrifice to Satan, and that every time there’s an abortion, a demon is let out of hell to run havoc upon the Earth. One such woman is Gloria Polo, a native of Colombia. Polo might sound irrational, but what if she’s telling the truth? And whether one believes in that kind of thing or not, each aborted baby was a potential consumer in the American economy who is not there right now to contribute to our national future. As noted, worldwide there have been more than 1.3 billion abortions since 1980. That equals just about every person in China. There’s a running “abortion clock” for the United States and the world.

Many Americans are murdered each year, and some become more famous than others: poor Matthew Shepard, poor Channon Christian, and poor James Byrd all come to mind. What about that nice Australian baseball player murdered in Oklahoma by some “bored” black kids? How about Abeer Hamza, a young, pretty Iraqi girl murdered by American soldiers after they raped her, killed her family and set them on fire? After the rape-murder spree, they barbequed some chicken wings. The leader of the rape was found hanging in a military prison. Google these names and look at the numbers for each of them. Clearly the mass media and the culture value some lives more than others.

Are these deranged murders the stories of a sane society? Is the bloodshed from abortion touching and enabling other bloodshed? This is a matter of faith and not science. But can there ever be peace when we kill the most innocent? Can Christianity be respected when Christians in America have so many abortions? Again, why are we so hysterical over the killing of animals like the lions in Zimbabwe (and rightly so) but not unborn babies? Will Planned Parenthood continue to roll along unencumbered with its killing machine par excellence? In coming decades, will anyone even care?

If the God of the Bible really exists, then will God continue to be mocked as the weakest of His creations (1 billion and counting) are mercilessly attacked by the postmodern King Herods? Or will America and the world see wrath in the form of nuclear war, massive tsunamis, earthquakes and plagues because of abortion? Will we all become the “Children of Men”? Or will nothing happen at all?

Have you ever seen video footage of an actual abortion or of an aborted baby? Do you really want to? You can go to right now and see for yourself – if you have the stomach for it.

The ultimate shocker might be the fact that Communist China, post-Soviet Russia and post-Fidel Cuba are all now busy rethinking their abortion policies, while America, the so-called leader of the “free world,” has become anti-life. As for what it’s like for a woman to actually undergo an abortion, and why so many choose to do so, those are stories for another time.

At the end of World War II, the Nazi regime was brought before the world and convicted on charges of crimes against humanity. Imagine the United Nations abortion machine, and those who keep it humming, brought up on similar charges, rather than feted and applauded by the transnational elites. Men like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have started to think twice about supporting such programs. Fox News reported that Buffet once gave $1.2 billion to abortion groups. Another article from the Population Research Institute claimed Buffet stopped such donations. Bill and Melinda Gates are now also refusing to hand over monies for abortion.

As we stand at a national crossroads with regard to the recent controversy over whether or not Planned Parenthood is selling or merely giving away the tissue of the murdered unborn babies in its “care” for biomedical research, perhaps it’s time to listen to the faint echo of Deuteronomy, which says, “I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing … therefore choose life, so both thou, and thy seed may live.”

A mixed-race British mom gave birth to twins recently – one of each. Not a boy and a girl. Two girls – one black, the other white. The odds of such a birth are about a million to one, experts said.

A mixed-race British mom gave birth to twins – one of each. Not a boy and a girl. Two girls – one black, the other white. The odds of such a birth are about a million to one, experts said. “It was a shock when I realized that my twins were two different colors,” Kylie Hodgson, 19, told London’s Daily Mail. “But it doesn’t matter to us – they are just our two gorgeous little girls”

“I am a baby, not a choice”: