An Alliance for Natural Resource Management To Be Formed in Late June

The Ministry of Environment is going to establish an alliance of natural resource conservation communities at the end of this month.

According to H.E. Khieu Borin, Director General of Local Community General Department of the Ministry of Environment, the main aim of alliance’s creation is to promote active participation of communities of natural protected areas in the management and sustainable use of natural resources for the current and next generations.

The Ministry of Environment has been now consulting with relevant ministries and institutions, sub-national administrations, communities of natural protected areas, development partners and civil society organisations to prepare the alliance’s status, structure, and so on, he added.

Currently, Cambodia has in total 51 natural protected areas and 3 biodiversity conservation corridors covering more than 7 million hectares. Besides, 153 communities of natural protected areas in 20 natural protected areas have been recognised as of 2017.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press