February 28, 2021

Another Dolphin Found Dead in Thbong Khmum Province

An Irrawaddy dolphin calf was found dead in Roka Knor commune, Kroch Chmar district, Thbong Khmum province, according to a statement of WWF-Cambodia released yesterday evening.
The dolphin’s carcass was discovered on Nov. 14 floating in the river by a local villager, who reported the incident to relevant authorities soon after the discovery.
After arriving at scenes, the specialists with the Government’s Fisheries Administration and WWF, began to examine the carcass, which was still fresh, presuming the animal died about two days ago. A preliminary examination shows the dead dolphin was a male calf of about 7 days old, 12 kilogrammes and 103 centimetres long. The specialists group informed that no signs of physical injuries or gillnet entanglement have been identified on the carcass, suggesting that the animal died of unknown cause. They now transferred the carcass to be preserved in a proper place, where they will carry out necessary sample collection for further investigation in order to determine the cause of death.
A few days ago, an adult female dolphin of about 27 years old and 2.2 metres long was also found dead in Kroch Chhmar district of Thbong Khmum province. The specialists group was not able to determine its weigh, nor any signs of physical injuries or gillnet entanglement as the carcass was much decomposed. Based on the preliminary report, the specialists group assumed that the dolphin was stranded away from its home range in Kratie province and could die of old age.
The latest census shows only 89 individuals still swim in the Mekong river. Entanglement in gillnets and illegal fishing practices are among major known cause of death in adult dolphins.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press

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