October 7, 2022

Apps of Taiwan Embrace Overseas Markets and Shine in International Competitions

TAIPEI, July 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — In light of the rapid growth of the global mobile game market, Taiwan Industrial Development Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs plays a proactive role in helping young App entrepreneurs. Its assistance is one of the most important supports for them to win international awards. In Casual Connect Asia 2014, teams from Taiwan outstood the other teams and won Best Game in Show: Critic’s Choice and Most Prominent Female Developer.

Team Signal presented its work, Hyper Square, with its highly innovative way of flicking, flinging and twisting squares, outshining those from South Korea, Singapore, India and other countries and winning the hearts of critics. Therefore, its work was awarded Best Game in Show: Critic’s Choice. The founder of Keitai Corporate, Ms. Clair Chen, was awarded Most Prominent Female Developer for her contribution to the global independent game industry. In addition, Cats Block Omino of Achtung got nominated as Best Free-to-Play Game for the originality in its popular characters. The awards and nomination were the recognition of Taiwan App teams’ ability and international competitiveness. By the end of July, Taiwan’s App teams will join Casual Connect USA to strategically explore the market in U.S. and the opportunities of collaboration and distribution. Team Signal’s Hyper Square, Keitai Corporate’s Loco Soccer and EliDEA’s Shooting Fingus surely will be the focus of the attention in the show.

In order to encourage young entrepreneurship, Taiwan Industrial Development Bureau established the App Creative Park in 2012, providing various lessons, like marketing, IP, management to technical development, and professional consulting services. In addition, finding financial resources and encouraging international exchanges are some of the effort to pave young entrepreneurs’ path to success. Until now, 100 teams have been benefited and more than 400 creative talents have been developed. In Digital Taipei, the exhibition from September 10th to 11th, a special area for outstanding App works is to showcase their originality and intended for international distributors to find potential partners in Taiwan so as to create international opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

For more information, please contact Rosa Fu at furosa@iii.org.tw, Thomas Fan at twinsen@iii.org.tw, or Tina Shao at tinashao@iii.org.tw.

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