Apsara Authority Launches New Website

Apsara Authority is developing a new website that does not only provide detailed information of tourist sites under its management, but also encourage feedback from browsers to further promote its services, according to recent release by the authority.

To be officially launched today, the website www.angkor.com.kh offers broad historical background of key locations, tourism services as well as other visit information.

H.E. Sok Sangvar, Deputy Director General of Apsara Authority was cited in the source as highlighting that the online site will also serve as a platform to get feedback from the browsers, especially tourists, on the quality of service provision by the authority and beyond.

The development of new website, he added, underwent consultation with concerned private sector, like tourist guide association and tour agencies in order to ensure its quality look and feel.

The Apsara Authority encouraged relevant institutions, private groups and networks, national and international tourists, students as well as general public to maximise the use of the information source.

Established in 1995, Apsara Authority is tasked to be responsible for research, protection, and conservation as well as the urban and tourist development of the Archaeological Park of Angkor.

So far, the authority has utilised online platforms including Facebook, however, the sites provide updates and information related to roles, responsibilities and achievements of the authority aimed primarily at researchers.

The new website, currently in English, will later on be added with new features and more languages.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press