ARMY TO ARMY TALKs meeting between the Royal Canadian Armed Forces and the Indonesian Armed Forces ”

At the ARMY TO ARMY TALKs (A2AT 2018) meeting between the Royal Canadian Armed Forces and the Armed Forces Indonesia, held in the Kingdom of Cambodia at Phnom Penh Hotel, Phnom Penh, February 19, 2019. A rotating session to review the results of the 2018 work and continue to carry out the second year 19 further meeting operated under the chairmanship of His Excellency Lieutenant lieutenant net Saroeurn deputy commander of Army Royal Cambodian Armed Forces represented by HE Lieutenant lieutenant Manet deputy general commander of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces main Commander of the Army and His Excellency Lieutenant General Vermont-Din (MOCH FACHRUDIN)Representatives of the Indonesian Armed Forces Commander. His Excellency Uon Saroeun, Deputy Commander of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces Division, and His Excellency General Lok Chumteav MOCH FACHRUDIN, Commander of the Indonesian Armed Forces

After the ARMY TO ARMY TALKs, the PLA Navy and the Indo-National Task Force Nichi held a discussion forum on the results of the cooperation between the two parties. 2018 Review all requests and proposals for the next task of 2019 throughout the year Then come. Your Excellency General Udiina Deputy Chief of Staff underlined the outcome of the 2018 ARMY TO ARMY TALKs meeting: MOU Between the Army and the Army, the two countries have been successful and have achieved a positive fruitage, sponsorship on Building infrastructure, building training system, training human resources through delivery Armed Forces of Indonesia by the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces to the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces “In this year’s actual deadline, the two sides have carried out their activities in 2018, sent to the army Senior intelligence chief visits exchanging visits To come. While the exchange program in Indonesia offered to the Kingdom of Cambodia, there are: orthodontics training courses Six weeks

After the consensus talks on a brief report of cooperation, representatives of the Army’s Army Commander Both HE net Saroeurn and HE Mall Faroese Stated that opening and closing the meeting and giving recommendations for the issues facing the two parties to continue Together perform effectively. At the same time, leaders of both sides signed a discussion on the direction of the direction Of the continued military cooperation of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces and the Indonesian National Army In 2019. The Army Army Army meeting between the Army and the Army ended with a warm welcome. Friendship, cooperation and confidence.

Source: Defence Ministry