March 23, 2023

AUO Solar Energy Storage System Receives the World’s First RESS Certificate from TUV SUD


TAIPEI, July 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — TUV SUD Group launched a new certification mark, Renewable Storage Systems (RESS) in May this year. It mainly covers three aspects: Safety of Power Systems, Grid Compliance and Safety of Energy Storage Battery. In June, AUO’s solar energy storage system became the first to meet the new certification compliance and received the world’s first TUV SUD RESS certificate.

Cert. Mark
Cert. Mark

AUO’s solar energy storage system PowerLegato® has met the following certification compliance: EN 62109-1/-2 safety test, EN 61000-6-1/-3 EMC testing and VDE 4105 / VDE 0126 / G83.2 Grid compliance requirements. The most important component of the certification is EN 62109-1/-2, which ensures that the products are designed and manufactured for protection against electric shock, energy, fire, mechanical and other hazards.

In light of the renewable policies and financial subsidies supported by governments around the world in recent years, green energies such as wind and solar power have seen a substantial growth and became widely distributed. With the increase in distributed power generation, it is becoming more apparent that the natural instability of green energies will impact the security and stability of the power grid connection. Therefore, in order to minimize such impacts, self-consumption renewable energies will be the future trend and the RESS will play a key role in fulfilling such needs.

Due to the technical structural complexity of RESS and the wide usage applications, neither international organizations (such as IEC and ISO) nor the technologically advanced countries (such as Germany and Japan) have published and/or developed a standard specifically for RESS. This situation has slowed RESS product development in the industry. In order to guide the domestic new energy enterprises on the development of RESS, TUV SUD has prepared and issued PPP 59034A:2014 certification for RESS products. This certification is based on international regulations and standards.

With its comprehensive global expertise in solar, wind and battery industries, TUV SUD partners its clients with a complete set of training, consulting, product testing and certification services.

Established in Germany around 150 years ago, TUV SUD is one of the world’s leading technical services providers offering knowledge services, inspections, testing, expert opinions, certification and training. Approximately 20,000 employees at over 800 locations worldwide provide technology, system and know-how optimization.

TUV SUD has operated in Taiwan for over 20 years and is a trusted partner with local businesses.