Several associations in the film industry in the country today slammed Awesome TV for its rude statement to Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil, following the minister’s call for the television station to immediately resolve its outstanding debt issue.

These associations, in their respective statements issued today, expressed their disappointment with Awesome TV’s action and urged the television station to issue a public apology to Fahmi, in addition to resolving payment issues involving producers and artists.

Malaysian Film Producers Association (PFM) president Pansha said Awesome TV’s statement gives the impression that the minister does not have the power to resolve industry problems and fight for the plight of oppressed art practitioners.

“Despite many negotiations with Awesome TV, there was no solution in sight. Dragging publishers and artists to court to resolve the broadcaster’s internal issues is an unwise and dishonest solution.

“This problem should be resolved comprehensively by Awesome TV, without involving other parties, including using media channels,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Film Directors Association of Malaysia (FDAM) president Dr Ahmad Ibrahim described Awesome TV’s counter statement on Fahmi’s remark as extremely unethical and impolite, as well as disappointing.

“We suggest that Awesome TV apologises to Fahmi Fadzil publicly for its rude statement. We are also concerned that this matter will be exploited by certain parties to be used as a political agenda and polemic,” he said.

Malaysian Artists Association (Seniman) president Zed Zaidi said that the television station’s actions also offended as well as tested the patience and sentiments of local art practitioners.

Thus, he said that Seniman suggested that Awesome TV, as well as the vendors involved, could meet directly with the minister to resolve their internal problems in a civilised manner, especially the aspects of broadcasting or publishing programmes.

Also sharing a similar sentiment is the Professional Film Workers Association of Malaysia (Profima) president Khalil Saleh, who expressed the association’s full support for the minister’s intervention to help resolve Awesome TV’s extraordinary problems, which affect all parties, especially the producers.

“As a broadcaster which has been issued a licence by the government, Awesome TV should have a more professional, responsible attitude, and accept reprimands from the minister,” he said.

On May 29, at the Creative Industries Town Hall Session (Series 3: Film Industry) at REXKL, Fahmi asked Awesome TV to complete its obligations on unpaid debts and any lawsuits involving the publisher as soon as possible. Following that, Awesome TV in its counter statement, advised Fahmi not to meddle in the television station’s commercial affairs with its suppliers.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency