Bangladesh government receives account information from Facebook for the first time

According to Facebook Inc’s latest Government Request Report, Bangladesh had sought information on 31 users through 12 requests during the period.

The social network site authorities provided 16.67 percent of the information, said the half-yearly report.

Facebook blocked view options of four contents during the period following request from the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Authority, which argued that the contents hurt religious sentiment.

The authorities, however, did not disclose the names and contents of the users about whom information was given.

From early 2013 to 2015 June, Bangladesh requested information on 37 users but Facebook had not responded.

Facebook also did not respond to three other requests the government made between January and June 2015 for information concerning three users.

The social media website authorities, however, responded favourably to the government’s request made during the July-December period in 2013 for blocking three contents.

They said at the time that they took the measures as they were considered ‘seditious’.

The government blocked Facebook for 22 days since Nov 18 last year following the murders of two foreign nationals and an attack on a police check post in an effort to cut off communication links among militants and terrorists.

State Minister for Post and Telecommunications Tarana Halim in a letter to the Facebook authorities highlighted the misuse of the site at that time.

She also sat with Facebook’s Asia and Pacific region chief in Singapore.

After returning home, she said the Facebook authorities had assured her of considering the Bangladesh government’s requests and complaints.

As per official count, around 30 million people use Facebook in Bangladesh.

Source: Bd News 24