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Black Remains Top Choice for Consumers’ Next Mobile Phone says Strategy Analytics

BOSTON, July 31, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — A recent study from the Wireless Device Lab at Strategy Analytics ( surveying consumers in the US, UK, France, Germany and China found that respondents prefer a black phone considerably more than any other color phone evaluated.

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Over half of respondents in the UK and France rated black as the most preferred color for their next mobile phone, compared to 45% or more respondents in Germany and the US, and 38% in China. However, while it has topped the polls over the last six years, interest in a black phone has decreased since 2012 in the US and since 2010 in Western Europe. Conversely interest in other colored phones and most notably for white, has risen in both regions since 2010. Exhibit 1.1 presents color preference in the US in 2014.

Exhibit 1.1: Color Preference - US in 2014

Exhibit 1.1: Color Preference – US in 2014

Exhibit 1.1: Color Preference – US in 2014 

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Monica Wong, Analyst and report author commented, "In all countries males show a much stronger preference for a black phone than females. Mature consumers in France, Germany and China showed slightly greater interest in black than youth in these countries, while in the UK, youth showed most interest in a black phone. Interest in this color dropped most significantly with decreasing age in China. Further, while the greatest interest in color by mobile phone brand was for black, many brands showed above average interest for other color choices".

Paul Brown, Director Wireless Device Lab, added "Handset manufacturers should continue to provide multiple color options for consumers to choose when purchasing a new phone. Introducing a variety of color options for a mobile phone provides the consumer with a more distinct and customized phone, with many finding interest in customization options such as that offered by the Moto X".

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