Cambodia Confirms Its First N1-related Death for 2016

Cambodia yesterday confirmed a death caused by N1 flu virus (swine flu) in combination with chronicle lung disease – the first of such case for 2016.

In his phone interview with the local media, Dr. Ly Sovann, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, expressed his sadness for the loss, adding that skilled doctors and medical staff at Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital have indeed successfully cured the N1 flu virus; however, the patient’s chronicle lung disease was getting worse.

The patient, Mr. Khun No, is a reporter for a popular television known as CTN (Cambodia Television Network). His case was referred to Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital whose doctors and medical staff tried their best treatment.

Mr. Nov Somphors, CTN news director, told the local media of Mr. Khun No’s good performance and that his company is financing the vaccination of its staff against the virus.

The case of N1 was first found in Cambodia in 2009. Ever since, the country records about 600 of such incidents annually.

Dr. Ly Sovann advised to the public that if anyone gets the flu more than three days and the condition is not getting better, they need to refer themselves to the clinic or hospital immediately.

General tips to prevent the disease is washing hands properly and frequently, putting on mask when having any flu, and covering nose and mouth with tissue when sneezing.

In cooperation with the World Health Organization, the Ministry of Health is following up the disease very closely.

Source: AKP