Cambodia Identifies Nominee for 9th ‘Chinese Bridge’ Tournament

After a tough competition, Cambodia identified the country’s nominee with greatest Chinese language competency for the 9th Chinese proficiency competition for foreign college students in China next month, so called Chinese Bridge.

Twelve-grader Miss Phou Maly has beaten other Cambodian contestants from eight capital and provinces across Cambodia to represent the country for the international challenge with 134 college goers from different countries.

Here in Cambodia, the language proficiency tournament is facilitated by Confucius Institute of the Royal Academy.

According to the Director of the Confucius Institute Mr. Chea Monirith, Miss Phou Maly has proved to meet international standard in terms of her Chinese language ability.

Under Secretary of State of Cults and Religion H.E. Heu Vireak supports the initiative, saying that it will further enhance cultural exchange between Cambodia and China.


Source: AKP