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Cambodia Recorded 161 Cases of Fake News in July

Cambodia recorded 161 cases of fake news and misinformation in July alone, according to the Fake News Monitoring Committee of the Ministry of Information.
Of the recorded cases, 102 are those fake news intended for inciting violence, unrest and social and political insecurity, including those on COVID-19 vaccination and lockdown measures.
According to the committee’s permanent vice-chairman H.E. Phos Sovann, the main platforms used to circulate the fake news include Facebook, TikTok, and Youtube.
The coping mechanisms deployed so far by the committee in cooperation with concerned authorities included the dissemination of clarification to the fake news and tracking of the sources of the news for appropriate actions.
For the sources of the fake news and misinformation with less severe effects, the committee educated them or revoke the licences of their agencies, he said.
The committee took legal actions against the fake news sources who severely violated the law, inciting violence and social unrest, and threatening national security and order.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press


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