Cambodia Responds to Reaction from Some Foreign Diplomatic Missions

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MFA-IC) has responded to reactions from some foreign diplomatic missions over the enforcement of Cambodian judicial procedures.

“In recent days, we have noticed the reactions from some diplomatic missions in Phnom Penh, which have expressed their amazement and indignation about the enforcement of the Cambodian judicial procedures,” said the MFA-IC in a press release issued this afternoon.

These reactions reflect the lack of knowledge or the will to pretend not to know the rules of the Criminal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Kingdom of Cambodia, it underlined.

The subornation of witness is condemned in all democratic countries, particularly in those of the European Union, said the press release, adding that this condemnation also exists in Cambodia.

“The refusal to appear in court as summoned by prosecutor is punished in all democratic countries, especially in those of the European Union. So does in Cambodia,” it stressed. “Therefore, the allegations of ‘judicial harassment’ against some politicians are absolutely unfounded.”

The MFA-IC is surprised by such interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state that has only carried out the same rules of legal and judicial procedures also in effect in the states, which are the origin of the above referred reactions, concluded the press release.


Source: AKP