May 15, 2021

Cambodia set to hold local council election in May

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia is scheduled to hold the third election for 4,114 municipal, provincial and district councilors on May 26, the National Election Committee (NEC) said.

The non-universal election will be voted by 11,572 sitting commune chiefs and councilors � typically along party lines � for the municipal, provincial, and district councilors.

The NEC has also invited political parties to register for the upcoming election and encouraged local and international observers to monitor it.

NEC Deputy Secretary-General Som Sorida said in a statement that the participation from all parties concerned is very important to ensure a smooth, free and fair election that goes with the principle of liberal multi-party democracy and is acceptable to all parties concerned.

In the last council election in May 2014, the ruling Cambodian People's Party (CPP) of Prime Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen swept 2,540, or 76.4 percent, of the then-3,324 positions across the kingdom.

Source: NAM News Network