Cambodia To Weave Longest Krama to Set New World Record

Cambodia has kick-started the country's first-ever campaign to weave longest scarf, locally known as 'Krama', to set new world record.

Launched on Feb. 14 here in Phnom Penh, the campaign expected to produce a typical red and white Krama of one metre width and 1,000 metre length for Guinness World Record.

To make this meaningfully possible, key organisers of the event H.E. Hun Many, President of the Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia, and Dr. Sann Vathana of GoGo Cambodia encouraged all Cambodians � especially those with disability � to take part in the campaign.

In the form of sturdy garment, Krama is a most common belonging of Cambodians with many uses, including as a scarf, to cover the face and head (especially in order to protect it from wind, dust, sunlight, etc.), as hammock for children, and for decorative purposes.

Expectedly, the campaign will not unveil another pride of Cambodia, but also communicate the uniqueness of the country's cultural identity widely across the world.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press