Cambodian Workers in South Korea Made US$500 Million Income in 2016

For 2016 alone, Cambodian workers in the Republic of Korea generated US$500 million income, according to local media report.

Cambodian Ambassador to the Republic of Korea H.E. Long Dimanche, in his recent electronic update shared with the local media report, considered that as 'an enormous school' providing technical vocational skills to Cambodian workers.

Sending Cambodian workers to the Republic of Korea, added H.E. Ambassador, benefited the two countries in terms of both economic and human resource development.

About 50,000 Cambodians have so far attained technical vocational skills from the Republic of Korea; and the skills are badly needed here in Cambodia.

Like what has been done as caretaker for his fellow countrymen, H.E. Long Dimanche lately led a delegation to meet the head of an overseas worker training unit of Ansung training institute and visit another group of 43 Cambodian workers.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press