Cambodia’s Ministry of Rural Development and Korean Eximbank Strengthen Ties for Rural Development

Phnom Penh – The Ministry of Rural Development in Cambodia and the Korean Eximbank have expressed mutual appreciation for their ongoing cooperation, committing to elevate their partnership to new heights. This pledge was made during a recent meeting held in Phnom Penh.

According to Agence Kampuchea Presse (AKP), the meeting on November 7 involved H.E. Chhay Rithisen, Minister of Rural Development, and Ms. Minnie Chey, Director of Korean Eximbank in Cambodia. The discussions centered on the progress and future of their collaborative efforts, particularly in the context of rural development projects in Cambodia.

During the meeting, H.E. Chhay Rithisen acknowledged the significant support provided by the Korean Eximbank, especially for the Rural Roads Improvement Projects executed by his ministry. These projects are crucial for enhancing rural infrastructure connectivity, which is a priority for the ministry. The projects also aim at improving rural livelihoods and diversifying them, along with strengthening rural services in Cambodia.

Ms. Minnie Chey, representing the Korean Eximbank, expressed gratitude for the minister’s appreciation of the bank’s support. She conveyed her eagerness to continue and further strengthen the bank’s cooperation with the Ministry of Rural Development. The ongoing partnership aligns with the ministry’s priorities and is expected to contribute significantly to rural development initiatives in Cambodia.

This article, originally in Khmer by Bunrith and translated into English by Lim Nary, underscores the importance of international collaboration in facilitating rural development and infrastructure improvement in Cambodia.