Cambodia’s Rice Export Up 10.90 Percent in First Month of the Year

In January 2017, Cambodia exported a total of 48,820 tons of milled rice to international market, an increase by 10.90 percent compared to the same period in the previous year, according to a report of the Secretariat of One Window Service for Rice Export Formality.

The major markets for Cambodian rice are France, Poland, the UK, and the Netherlands.

Last year, some 542,144 tons of Cambodian milled rice were exported to 65 countries around the world, mostly to China (127,460 tons), followed by France (78,329 tons), Poland (64,035 tons), Malaysia (38,877 tons), the Netherlands (28,690 tons), Belgium (22,885 tons), Czech (22,815 tons), Italy (18,619 tons), the UK (17,673 tons), and Germany (16,616 tons).

Currently, Cambodia has 85 rice exporting companies, most of them are local rice millers.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press