April 17, 2021

Cambodia’s Roadmap and Siem Reap’s Master Plan for Tourism Approved

The 2021-2025 roadmap to restore Cambodia’s tourism during and after COVID-19 crisis and Siem Reap tourism development master plan 2021-2035 have been approved, the Ministry of Tourism announced in its recent press release.
The approved 2021-2025 roadmap and master plan 2021-2035 will play a crucial role not only to promote the quality, safety and sustainable development of the tourism sector, but also to bolster Cambodia’s social and economic development.
The 2021-2025 roadmap is divided into three stages, including crisis management in the New Normal and recovery preparation plan (Resilience & Restart) in 2021, recovery of Cambodia’s tourism after COVID-19 crisis (Recovery) in 2022-2023, and preparation for rebound of tourism (Relaunch) in 2024-2025.
The 2021-2035 Siem Reap tourism development master plan aims to enable the province to reclaim its pride as the medium-and long-term major tourist destination in Cambodia and the Southeast Asian region.
Through this master plan, Siem Reap province is expected to welcome 10.9 million national tourists and 7.5 million international tourists, and generate 940,000 jobs bringing in US$6 billion for national income.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press

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