Candid camera: Pupil caught beating up schoolgirl

A 17-year-old student caught on camera last week beating a female classmate was arrested in Siem Reap province yesterday, according to police.

A three-minute video posted to Facebook shows Hong Sochy arguing with his 14-year-old classmate, Virak Moni Neath, before launching into an aggressive attack that sees him repeatedly hitting her around the head.

The video caught the attention of the Ministry of Education, which on Sunday called on Dam Dek high school to punish Sochy with “community labour work”.

But Sot Nikum district police chief Tep Channa said authorities had decided to take more extreme action, and yesterday arrested Sochy at his home in Kien Sangke commune.

“He has committed an act of intentional violence. It’s up to the court to consider his case,” he said.

District Governor Mak Bros said an investigation was carried out in the school in which pupils said the students were “close friends” or “sweethearts” who were “always arguing”.

He added that legal action against Sochy was intended to send a message to other students.