CHRC President Receives New EU Ambassador

H.E. Keo Remy, President of Cambodian Human Rights Committee (CHRC), has received H.E. Ms. Carmen Moreno, newly-appointed Ambassador of European Union to Cambodia.

In the recent meeting taking place here in Phnom Penh, H.E. Keo Remy informed the EU ambassador of democracy and human rights situation in Cambodia.

In order to ensure, maintain and enhance the country’s peace, democracy and human rights, the Royal Government of Cambodia is working hard on national unification since the liberation of Khmer Rouge regime, underlined H.E. Keo Remy.

He continued that the government always opens for political conciliation, and some legal actions against some Cambodian politicians should not be factored in politically.

Democracy and human rights in Cambodia are blossoming, and the country will continue to sustain the achievement in order to bring about peace, stability and development.

From her end, H.E. Ms. Carmen Moreno spoke highly of Cambodia’s efforts in developing democracy and human rights, especially in pushing the establishment of lawyer group to provide free legal services for the poor people and promote justice in the country.

She also pledged to continue cooperation with CHRC and help the committee in legal sector.

CHRC President Receives New EU Ambassador

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press