City Bus Card Put Into Use

Phnom Penh Municipality yesterday put into official use the e-payment card for city bus.

The official launch of City Bus Card took place at a bus station in Khan Russey Keo under the presidency of H.E. Khuong Sreng, Governor of Phnom Penh Municipality.

The e-payment card service, co-operated by Phnom Penh’s Autonomous Bus Transportation Authority and Wing Specialised Bank, will make it easier for the national and international passengers to pay for their bus tickets, and reflect clearly the economic progress in the capital city as well as in the whole country, said the municipal governor.

Mr. Ean Sokhim, Director of Phnom Penh’s Autonomous Bus Transportation Authority, said the use of e-card is easy for the management of income and customers’ data.

There are two types of City Bus Card � Blue and Green, he pointed out, adding that the Blue card of 4,000 Riel (about US$1) is for students, elderly people, monks, factory workers, people with disabilities and children whose height is bellow 1 metre to take the bus for 180 times with free of charge, while the Green card of 6.000 Riel (US$1.5) and 10,000 Riel (US$2.5) for general passengers.

To date, Phnom Penh has eight bus transport lines operated by 155 buses � serving more than 20,000 passengers daily.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press