May 15, 2021

Conservationists Urge for Action against Illegal Wildlife in Cambodia

As the world is going to mark the 10th annual Pangolin Day this Saturday, Wildlife Alliance urged greater action on the illegal wildlife trade in Cambodia.

In Cambodia, there is an increasing demand for wildlife products, including for the meat of pangolin, civet and bats. These species are associated with the transmission of zoonotic diseases to humans.
People who eat them are putting their lives on the line with every mouthful, Wildlife Alliance CEO Ms. Suwanna Gauntlett said.
“Consumers are taking a risk with their health every time they eat wildlife,” she underlined.
While vaccines are an important step in containing the spread of diseases from animals to humans like COVID-19, they are not the answer to preventing pandemics.
Wildlife Alliance, alongside 70 other organisations in the #EndPandemics working group, urged governments and the public to think beyond vaccines.
Wildlife Alliance combats the illegal wildlife trade, which safeguards public health. “By fighting the illegal wildlife trade we’re fighting the chances of further new pandemics developing,” Ms. Gauntlett explained.
Ms. Suwanna Gauntlett called on everyone in Cambodia to “play a role by not only stopping eating wildlife, but reporting any wildlife crimes to our hotline 012 500 094.”
Today, Wildlife Alliance reported that in a joint operation between rangers and the Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team, 2 markets and 5 roadside restaurants in Preah Sihanouk province were busted.

A total of 70kg+ of bush meat was confiscated from 5 species including, small Indian civet, water monitor, green peafowl, red muntjac and wild boar, plus 20+ birds, it added.
At the same time, some live animals were rescued, including 1 Asian leaf turtle and 3 Asian box turtles which are globally endangered.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press

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