January 27, 2023

Contributing to Society and Providing Tailored Beautiful Life — MXIS Night Shown Again

BEIJING, August 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — On August 22, 2014, a charity gala titled “Fulfilling People’s Dreams and Providing Tailored Beautiful Life — MXIS Night” was organized in the Hebei Conference Center in Shijiazhuang by MXIS — a customized real estate service provider. There was a strong lineup at the gala, bringing renowned Chinese and international children stars. MXIS leaders, its cooperation partners and distinguished guests from various sectors were gathered, making the Hebei Conference Center was fully occupied. The gala also had an on-line live broadcasting, thus able to be watched by hundreds of thousands of netizens from all parts of the world.

Taking “Fulfilling People’s Dreams and Providing Tailored Beautiful Life” as the theme, MXIS invited children stars from China and overseas to give performances, winning rounds of applause from the audience. The children from the mountainous areas used their most simple languages, touching everyone present and arousing people’s attention to those left-behind children and to the charity work.

MXIS Group was founded in 2001 and headquartered in Beijing. It is a diversified innovative industrial group, with businesses covering customized real estate development, property service, commercial real estate operation, health service, eco agriculture and forestry, advertisement, and cultural tourism. After over ten years of continuous innovation, MXIS has constantly improved its community services, and by integrating quality resources related to the real estate, it has developed a comprehensive community service system represented by MXIS Meeting, offering all-dimensional life services to customers. Since its founding, MXIS has been taking charity work and social contribution as the most important part of its culture. With years of sustained input into social charity work, MXIS has been on the list of “Top 100 Responsible Real Estate Companies in China” for two consecutive times.

In the evening, a signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation between MXIS and a number of renowned businesses such as Perkins+will, Brand Union, Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator, KONE, and Shandong Linuo Ritter International was held. They promised to work together to provide a beautiful life to the customers.

As a frontrunner of customized real estate service provider, MXIS has developed its unique “MXIS Model”, the International Culture and Health City, and a number of large projects, with a total area of over 4 million square meters (including those under construction). It enjoys national Level-One qualification for real estate development.