Dont Buy Properties on Jakarta Bay Reclamation Area: Consumers Legal Aid

The Indonesian Consumers Legal Aid Foundation (YLKI) has urged the public not to buy properties in controversial Jakarta Bay reclamation area.

“The reclamation problems in Jakarta Bay are still complicated, particularly regarding licensing and environmental worthiness,” Executive Chairman of YLKI Tulus Abadi said in a statement, here, Sunday.

There are ironies regarding the reclamation project because despite the problems, certain developers have actively advertised the real estates, and some consumers have been eager to buy them, according to him.

He advised the public not to buy the properties because the legal position of the Jakarta Bay reclamation area is very weak and therefore a high risk of disputes arising.

Developers should first have property permits comprising four legal documents, before advertising their real estates, he said.

The documents are principle permit, reclamation permit, reclamation use permit, and building permit.

All of those documents should be obtained from the Jakarta Administration.

“Right now, several developers only have principle permits from the Jakarta Administration,” he said.

He urged the Jakarta authorities to ban any advertisement on real estates in the Jakarta Bay reclamation area before the four legal documents are completed.

Source: Antara News