DPM SamdechSarKheng Condemns Deceits Discouraging Cambodians from Voting

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior has echoed the call for all eligible Cambodian citizens to go to vote, underscoring that any act to stop them from exercising this right is national destruction politics.

SamdechKralahomSarKheng made the point yesterday from Kampong Speu province where he chaired a burning ceremony of over 100 tons of expired food and food of harmful quality confiscated.

Such an act, he added, comes with ill intention to endanger the multi-party democracy of Cambodia heading toward the sixth-term national election in July 29, 2018.

Based on Cambodia’s general election law, any interferences that stop or influence voters not to go to vote will be penalised from 5 to 20 million Riel by the National Election Committee, let alone other criminal implications that can be involved.

The urge by SamdechKralahomSarKheng fallowed on-going illegal campaign led by offenders and self-exiled opposition groups trying with what they can to deceive people not to vote.

Cambodian Prime Minister SamdechAkkaMohaSenaPadeiTecho Hun Sen and the National Election Committee also condemned the unlawful campaign earlier.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press