August 9, 2022

Drug for Minor and Medium COVID-19 Treatment Supplied

The National Committee for Combating COVID-19 has notified about the availability and allowed access to the MOLNATRIS (Molnupiravir Capsules 200mg) to treat minor and medium COVID-19 patients.

According to the committee’s announcement circulated on Dec. 22 along with detailed instruction for use, the drug is available from Dec. 23, 2021.

The MOLNATRIS, it added, will be sold to private clinics, pharmacies as well as the public for US$55 per one dose of 40 capsules.

The committee also highlighted that an individual is entitled to buy only between 5 to 10 doses of the drug, while a legal clinic or pharmacy can purchase up to 200 doses and go for another round after at least two weeks.

Any individuals, clinics or pharmacies can buy the drug at the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.

The supply of MOLNATRIS by the committee aims to optimise the containment of COVID-19 in Cambodia to achieve a lasting herd immunity against the disease.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press

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