EDC Pilots Undersea Power Transmission

The Electricity of Cambodia (EDC: Electricte du Cambodge) is piloting an undersea power transmission project to an island of coastal Koh Kong province, according to local media report.

Three-kilometre-long electrical cable running about one-meter-deep in the sea bed carrying a total of ten megawatt power will be connected to offshore Koh Sdech commune, Kiri Sakor district of the province.

The pilot offshore power supply intends to bring down current fee of 2,050 Riel (roughly US$0.5) a kilowatt-hour to 1,000 Riel and then to 790 Riel.

At the latter stage, the electricity fee will be only 610 and 480 Riel a kilowatt-hour for monthly household consumption of less than 50 and 10 kilowatt-hour, respectively.

Once done, the project is expected to benefit over 600 families in the area.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press