Education Ministry dismisses exam score complaints

By: Chhay Channyda


The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport announced the results of a review of student complaints on Wednesday, stating that all exam results released in September were “correct.”


The statement was issued at the end of the 30-day appeal period that followed the September 12 announcement of the grade 12 national exam scores.


Among the over 88,000 students who took the exam in August, 46,560 or 55.8 per cent passed.


“The correction of answer sheets and marking of scores was done properly, the entry of scores into computer systems was transparent and the announced results accurately showed candidates’ capabilities,” the ministry said.


The ministry also noted that in order to be considered, complaints must have included evidence as well as students’ names, addresses and other personally identifying information, and said that “among [the complaints], some have followed the requirements … and some have not.”


The statement identifies three categories among the students who filed complaints: those who were not happy with their grades, those requesting to see scores for individual subjects, and those who sought marking for their answer sheets.


According to the statement, “the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport has resolved all three types of complaints carefully and responsibly.”


While many have been pleased by the results of the education sector’s second year of sweeping reforms, some 100 unhappy students filed complaints to the ministry.