Elephant Used to Deliver Polling Materials to Remote Station in Mondulkiri

Elephant is the only means to deliver polling materials to the station in a remote village of Cambodia’s northeastern Mondulkiri province so as to allow its residents to exercise their political right in the forthcoming July 29 general elections.

The update was shared yesterday evening in a press release from the National Election Committee (NEC) underlining that the delivery of polling materials by elephant to the Lau Romiet village of Krang The commune, Pechrieda district, will take place in the morning of July 28 � a day before the election.

Access to Lau Romiet, home to 133 eligible voters, is not feasible by vehicle, especially during rainy season due to streams and tiny paths along over 30 kilometre-distance toward there.

It is estimated that the delivery by elephant will take about three hours to bring polling materials to the station in Lau Romiet village.

A priority of the election committee is to ensure that all eligible Cambodians across the country can vote regardless of where they are.

NEC has registered 8,380,217 eligible Cambodians to cast their votes in the 6th National Election, and 20 parties joined the political race.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press