Endangered Gibbons and Monkeys Tamed as New Tourism Products

Wild life conservationists are saving and taming endangered gibbons with yellow chicks and monkeys with white tails in Keo Seima sanctuary of Mondulkiri province, according to local media report.

Public relations official of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Mr. Eng Meng Y was cited in the source sharing that the crew of the organisation has been trekking into the wildlife sanctuary every month to collect data of the animals and study their behaviours.

The effort, he added, intends to tame the two animals of such rare species in a way that would allow tourists to go close to them.

He continued that the more tourists visiting the conservation area, the better income made in order to save and take care of the animals.

As of now, there are eight gibbons and monkeys of the above mentioned type � being endangered not only in Cambodia, but also globally.

The conservationists are positive that shortly the two animals will become new tourism products for Keo Seima wildlife sanctuary.

It is about two years that the wildlife conservationists have been exploring the forests to discover animals in danger of extinction and bring them to the conservation site.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press