EU Re-emphasises Ban of Tricyclazoled Rice Import

The European Union (EU) has re-emphasised the ban of tricyclazoled rice import from all countries including Cambodia.

The re-emphasis was made here last week by H.E. George Edgar, Ambassador of the EU to Cambodia during the celebration of 20th anniversary of EU-Cambodia Cooperation Agreement.

Using tricyclazole on rice crop is harmful to the health of consumers, said the ambassador, adding that the EU called for the reduction of tricyclazole use since November 2016.

The EU made it clear that it will not import any rice that contains over 0.01 milligram of tricyclazole.

H.E. George Edgar also encouraged the Royal Government of Cambodia to closely work with the Cambodia Rice Federation (CRF) to accommodate EU’s conditions for rice export to the union.

Understanding the harm of the substance, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in March 2017 decided to stop importing and supplying the tricyclazole.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press