Expert Urges More Home Grown Pigs

Expert has urged Cambodian farmers to grow more pigs as domestic demand for the pork supply is increasing, according to local media report.

As quoted in the source, the President of Cambodia Pig Farmer Association Mr. Srun Pov highlighted that home-grown pigs can meet only between 60 and 70 percent of pork demand in Cambodia.

As a result, he continued, almost 2,000 pigs per day have to be imported from foreign countries, and pork price potentially rise if less pigs imported.

Because the country's demand for pork is currently high, Vietnam does not import pigs to Cambodia.

In the past, many pigs were imported to Cambodia from neighbouring countries, and the trend drove down Cambodia's pork price causing domestic pig farmers to give up their work.

Recently, pig price in Cambodia has gradually increase to almost 10,000 riel (about US$2.5) per kilogram.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press