First 14 Cambodian Housemaids to Work in Hong Kong

AKP Phnom Penh, First fourteen Cambodian workers have departed the country recently to work as housemaids in Hong Kong Special Administration Region with expected decent monthly wage.

The new overseas job opportunity, according to Mr. Ngoy Rith, Deputy Director General of Labour Department, follows a joint memorandum of understanding between Cambodia and Hong Kong in August.

All workers, he said, are properly trained on necessary skills before sending to Hong Kong, and proper working condition has been ensured in the agreement between the two parties.

Each Cambodian housemaid will work for a two-year term in the region, and the renewal of the job contract depends on the negotiation between them and the hiring household.

As underlined by the deputy director general, the government has licensed six companies recruit around 1,000 housemaids to work in Hong Kong.

The 14 workers are in the first batch recruited and they will make a decent monthly wage of at least US$570.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press