Former Minister of Land Management Elected Chairman of Constitutional Council

Former Senior Minister and Minister of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction H.E. Im Chhun Lim has been elected Chairman of the Constitutional Council for a three-year term (2016-2019), in replacement of H.E. Ek Sam Ol who held this position since 2007.

According to a press release of the General Secretariat of Constitutional Council, the election was held in a meeting on June 21 and the power transfer ceremony took place afterwards on the same day.

The Constitutional Council is a supreme institution stipulated in the 1993 Constitution to guarantee the respect of the Constitution, and to interpret the Constitution and the laws adopted by the National Assembly and completely reviewed by the Senate, and to examine and decide on litigations related to the elections of the Members of the National Assembly and to the elections of the Senators.

This Institution has been effectively functioning since June 15, 1998, the first time in the history of Cambodia .

The Constitutional Council is composed of one President and 8 members. The President is elected by a college of 9 Councillors at the absolute majority. The election of the President would take place every three years after the three new members come into office. The President has rank and prerogatives equal to those of the President of the National Assembly. Members have rank and prerogatives equal to those of the Vice-President of the National Assembly. The normal mandate of the members is 9 years, but a third of members are replaced every 3 years. For the first mandate, some members are appointed or elected for a term of 3, 6, and 9 years respectively. 3 members are appointed by the King while the National Assembly and the Supreme Council of Magistracy would elect 3 members each.

Source: AKP