Hong Kong in Need of 1,000 Workers from Cambodia

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is in need for about 1,000 Cambodian workers to work in the region with an estimated monthly wage of over US$550.

The dissemination of the information and procedure of recruiting, training, sending and managing Cambodian domestic helpers to work in Hong Kong took place in a joint press conference in Phnom Penh on Aug. 8 co-chaired by Minister of Labour and Vocational Training H.E. Ith Samheng and visiting H.E. Law Chi-kwong, Hong Kong's Secretary for Labour and Welfare, following their meeting.

As highlighted on the occasion, H.E. Law Chi-kwong, Hong Kong's competent authority will ease visa application process for qualified Cambodians interested to work there.

The region, added the secretary, will also guarantee proper welfare of Cambodian workers there.

H.E. Ith Samheng expressed his appreciation of the opportunity offered by Hong Kong that proves enhanced cooperation between the two sides.

Figures show that over 361,000 workers from different countries are working in Hong Kong as domestic helpers and many consider the region as the good place to work in.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press