Huaxia United Cultural Museum Brings Chinese Artists to the World

BEIJING, August 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — On August 20, a cultural gala event in Beijing celebrated the grand opening of Huaxia United Cultural Museum. Former head of China’s State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television Yu Youxian, former Vice Minister of Culture Zhao Weisui, former Vice Minister of Commerce Zhou Keren, former president of PLA Daily and vice chairman of All-China Journalists Association Wang Mengyun, deputy director of the National Museum of China Li Liusan, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and secretary-general of China Artists Association Xu Li, founder of Huaxia United Cultural Museum and chairman of World United Investment Fund Management (Beijing) Xu Shouzhen, Renmin Tonghui Group chairman Liu Qingwei and Director of Operations of Guangdong Innovation Technology Media Service Center Li Shuanghan, among others, were present at the opening ceremony and the inauguration of the Cultural Industry Chapter of the China Electronic Commerce Association.

Huaxia United Cultural Museum is a national museum and a nationwide platform for cultural creativity and cultural assets registered in China with approval of the relevant authorities. In compliance with the operational standards required for museums in China, the platform is designed to enhance the ability to develop and manage Chinese artistic and cultural assets, opening the door of global cultural market to more artists and their artworks, as well as artistic enterprises that reflect the country’s zeitgeist.

With China’s abundant cultural resources, creative ideas and design works, the Huaxia United Cultural Museum Development Plan is designed to expand access to building, showcasing and sharing the country’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage and to promote the transmission and sustainable development of the Chinese cultural resources by providing a road to market. The plan supplies global management services to Chinese artist representatives based on a cultural works management system while creating an idea, event and brand-driven value chain incorporating the creation, production, transmission and consumption of works of art through the hosting of a series of major cultural events that are expected to be remembered as significant milestones in the course of China’s cultural history. The official opening of the museum, a milestone in the roadmap for the development plan, represents the first significant art exhibition for renowned Chinese artist Xu Li.

“The opening of the museum provided a path to the establishment of a global management system for the Chinese art market. We are honored to have Mr. Xu to be our first artist partner based on a concept that he has always believed in, of borrowing from the past to create the present and of borrowing from abroad to create things Chinese. In Chinese modern and contemporary history, representatives from the art community, including Xu Beihong, Wu Guanzhong and Zhao Wuji, have been recognized as masters of their field due to their efforts to serve the community through their understanding of Western cultures,” said Xu Shouzhen. “Enabling the outstanding works of art produced by these artists to take their rightful place and grow in terms of value will drive the global development of the market.”

During the event, China Electronic Commerce Association (CECA) vice chairman Chen Zhen presented the plaque of the Cultural Industry Chapter of the China Electronic Commerce Association to Xu Shouzhen, and announced the issuance of the approval document, marking the official launch of the chapter. Xu will serve as the chapter’s first chairman. The chapter will mainly focus on driving the innovative combination of the financing of the cultural industry with electronic commerce, promoting the model for trade in cultural creation and cultural property rights; and exploring the building of a national standards system for e-commerce in Chinese culture and art, including certification, credit checking, logistics, and online financial services, in a move to create a comprehensive service platform for e-commerce and foreign trade within China’s cultural industry, and a new world of global culture and trade in services.

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