Huwag kang magnanakaw

The Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting is today the most lethal instrument of the ultra-conservative Catholic Church in thwarting the people’s will through deceit. The Church has allowed itself to be used as a subsidiary of the US imperialist. Instead of helping the Commission on Elections conduct a clean, fair and honest election, the PPCRV has become an active party in the rigging, tampering and substituting of the results using the modern facilities of computerized voting machines.

Since the automation of the country’s electoral system in 2010, our so-called democratic electoral system has never been the same. The Comelec and the so-called advance and unofficial tabulation conducted by the National Movement for Free Election and now by PPCRV are suspected to be the creation and funded of the US Central Intelligence Agency through its various front organizations led by the National Endowment for Democracy. The hypocritical Church and their captive laities are made to support their yellow-branded lackeys without examining that they are hooting for a brainless stooge who will lock our people with the devil by reducing our Constitution to toilet paper, like when PNoy allowed the return of the US military bases with the right to select the sites and number of bases they want to build.

The wholesale fraud of the people’s mandate was repeated after their controlled poll surveys conditioned the dazed people that their groomed candidate is likely to win the vice presidential race. It was a classic example of apostasy committed by the hypocritical Church hierarchy because they ludicrously presented Leni Robredo as virtuous-one who can continue the morality started by this abominably corrupt government, which is the opposite of what they termed “sacrilegious” but more popular candidate Rodrigo “Digong” Duteete.

Many believe that the President who has hypocritically chosen to adopt the slogan of “tuwid na daan” is himself a product of the hocus-PCOS computer machines. Many shook their heads when he was elected despite his lackluster record when he served as congressman and as senator. As if to deliver their final insult, the automated election result gave him an overwhelming mandate against the ousted President Joseph Estrada who enjoyed the support of the grassroots.

The Catholic Church has departed from its role of providing spiritual guidance to its converts by allowing itself to become an instrument of exploitation of our people by ensuring that only screened US lackeys are elected. The PPCRV has been linked with the notorious CIA-operated NED, which in turn is supplemented by the dubious organizations of George Soros called the Open Society Foundations. NED has been banned in Russia, China and in many countries for meddling in their electoral exercise or for agitating the colored revolution as what it did in Serbia and Ukraine. Its entry port is to establish ties with local organizations styling as NGOs claiming to work for electoral reforms and in ensuring democracy.

NED was founded by Reagan’s CIA Director William “Bill” Casey. He said that NED needs to “create a funding mechanism to support groups inside foreign countries that would engage in propaganda and political action that the CIA has historically organized and paid for covertly.” Wikipedia pointed out that PPCRV has links with other similar organizations purporting and styling themselves to be NGOs having as their advocacy electoral reforms though in truth are working to secure that only their puppets and lackeys win in their make-believe election.

These NGOs which both Namfrel and PPCRV have ties are the Consortium for Elections and Political Process Strengthening, the International Foundations for Electoral Systems, the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, World Movement for Democracy, the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, and the International Endowment for Democracy (USA). The WMD chapter in the Philippines is the headed by a member of the Steering Committee, Melinda Quintos de Jesus.

For instance, WMD says its objective is to unite the global community of democracy, advocacy and practitioners, to facilitate exchange of information, knowledge and experiences, and to build cross-border solidarity. The NDI, on the other hand, states that its core programs include citizen participation, elections, debates, democratic governance, democracy and technology; political inclusion of marginalized groups, and gender, women and democracy. It was founded in 1983, shortly after the US Congress created NED, and was followed by the establishment of three related institutes, namely: the Center for International Private Enterprise, the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs and the National Republican Institute.

A report about the Philippines made by CEPPS, which both PPCRV and Namfrel coordinate, stated that the Comelec asked CEPPS to assess the political situation leading to the May 10, 2004 elections. CEPPS agreed to take part in the mission funded by USAID. The project was meant to observe the elections in order to make recommendations to Comelec and other political players, to host a post election program to evaluate and make recommendations to these political players and to make recommendations to the media following the election.

These various NGOs all receive their funding from the NED, and are all listed as sponsors by PPCRV to ensure that their goal of promoting democracy and electoral reforms, the institutionalization of the neoliberal ideology, in rigging the election to ensure that their lackey win, coordinate with semi independent groups like influencing the mainstream media, and poll surveys to condition the minds of the voters to vote for their lackeys. The conditioning and deception is a continuing process.

The PPRCV was founded in February 1991 in anticipation that Namfrel would soon be replaced as the so-called advanced and unofficial tabulator of votes because many Filipinos were getting suspicious that its purpose is to “sanitize” nationalists or candidates unfriendly to the US interest. Substituting it with an organization operated by the Church through its meddling bishops and zealot laities like Henrietta de Villa would supposedly regain the confidence of the people to “assist” the Comelec in counting the votes.

Despite the so-called triumph of “democracy” and “freedom” in this country which saw the installation to power of Mrs. Aquino through the most undemocratic process of coup d’ etat, people continue to long for the Marcos era because he succeeded in differentiating what the Left would say “metaphysical” from concrete freedom. People continue to demand for economic rights rather than political freedom which only begins and end up in their right to vote.

Source: The Standard