February 4, 2023

IGXE In-Game Currency Provider Announces 10th Anniversary With Exclusive MMORPG Offers

WILMINGTON, Del., July 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Today, IGXE, a website operated by Chongqing SoftIsland Co., Ltd. and a top player in the in-game currency market, is pleased to announce its forthcoming 10th Anniversary Celebration, even as it prepares to mark the day with special promo offers.

With a view to providing value-adding MMO services to customers, IGXE, a leading supplier of in-game currencies, always strives to maintain its position as a leader in the industry. Now, the company announces its upcoming 10th Anniversary Celebration wherein participants can enjoy exclusive promo offers on in-game products.

According Alex Zhu, the CEO of IGXE, the rate at which online game players demand for in-game currencies signifies the general interest of individuals in the RPG genre. “IGXE has been in the industry for 10 years as a credible dealer in in-game gold and items, Power Leveling services, and game cards. Without a doubt, it’s a great idea to celebrate a decade of IGXE success in such a way that participants can enjoy anniversary bonuses,” he states.

Speaking about the upcoming anniversary, the CEO confirms that the event will kick off on July 13th and end on July 23, 2014. In order to participate in the anniversary promo, game players will be required to sign up as IGXE members, thus qualifying them to receive up to 50% free gold, an affiliate code, and a free IGXE Voucher. “The free voucher will be delivered into the inbox of every registered member as of July 19, 2014,” he added.

“With the affiliate code, members can invite their friends to IGXE. They will earn a $3 reward for every completed order on any IGXE game product. When it comes to real dollar rewards, cash-backs and a cheap access to in-game currencies, the sum total of the three special bonuses, which will be available during IGXE 10th Anniversary, will amount to a meaningful benefit for members,” he reveals.

It’s been gathered as well that, compared to the offers of other gold suppliers in the industry, the price of in-game gold from IGXE will be the cheapest on the market during the celebration period. “In addition, registered members will have access to our Hot Gold Products for a wide variety of games such as World of Warcraft(WOW gold), Guild Wars 2(GW2 gold), Star Wars: The Old Republic(SWTOR credits), The Elder Scrolls Online(ESO gold), and WildStar(Wildstar gold),” the IGXE CEO concludes.

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