India-origin student tops CBSE Class 12 exam in Singapore

An India-origin student has topped the Central Board of Secondary Education’s Class 12 examination results among Southeast Asian students studying in one of the biggest school groups offering Indian curriculum here.

Anushka Gaikwad, who moved to Singapore in 2010 with her working parents from India, scored 98.2 per cent marks.

Shubham Saraf, also an Indian-origin, came second by scoring 98 per cent marks.

Both Anushka and Saraf are students at the Global Indian International School (GIIS), one of the biggest school groups offering Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum outside India.

“I strongly believe that our students’ success is a result of collaborative initiatives between faculty members and parents. My sincere congratulations to all the team members, students and parents for these splendid results,” said Kamal Gupta, Chief Operating Officer and Regional Director at GIIS.

The students scored a perfect 100 marks or near-perfect scores of 99 marks in various subjects.

“Living up to the spirit of academic excellence, the CBSE Batch of 2016 from GIIS in Singapore has created yet another record-breaking feat with a quarter (or 25 per cent) of the student cohort secured 95 per cent and above, and almost half the cohort (48 per cent) students secured 90 per cent and above marks,” Gupta said.

Most of the GIIS students are of Indian-origin with parents working in Southeast Asia and prefer the CBSE curriculum, which is also becoming increasingly popular among students of other nationalities.

“Nearly 50 per cent of the students at GIIS Tokyo campus are Japanese and the rest of Indian-origin,” Gupta said.

CBSE is the most widely acclaimed curriculum recognized by universities in India and abroad. It is becoming a popular for its strong foundation broadly in sciences and mathematics, he said.

GIIS runs schools in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, India, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam.

Source: India Time