Indigenous Eggplant Soup Gets Popular

The eggplant soup of Cambodian Phnong indigenous group is catching the attention of many.

The soup, according to the Ministry of Environment, is among many great cuisine that belongs to the Cambodian Phnong living mainly in the north-eastern Mondulkiri province.

As explained by Ms. Tum, a Cambodian Phnong resident in the province’s Koh Nhek district and one of the best cooks of the soup, the so-called eggplant soup does not have only eggplant as ingredient.

In addition to eggplant, she continued, its ingredient includes gourd, chilli leaves, peppers, local herbs … and cow skin making the look and feel very particular.

Though it is a bit more spicy compared to the mainstream flavour, eggplant soup is attracting more customers.

Cambodian Phnong indigenous population is not best known for their unique cuisine, but also has rich culture and customs.


Source: Agency Kampuchea Press


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